Sunday, May 25, 2008

Political Issues in Florence

Visiting Florence on Saturday, I was able to get a number of pictures of political art and graffiti. Florence, being an important international tourist town, is, not surprisingly, the palate for a number of political statements. Here are some images of the more interesting political statements I saw while in town:

This message, expressing some disfavor with the recent declaration of independence by the the Baltic state, Kosovo, appeared in three languages: English, Italian, and a third that I could not identify. All of the messages were written in the same color of magic marker and appeared to have been done by the same hand. Additionally, all of them were within about a half mile radius of each other. So, I can confirm that the size of the anti-Kosovo independence movement in Florence numbers at least one.

This anti-Bush and antiwar statement was on the bottom of a shop shutter in Florence. Antiwar statements about Iraq a relatively common in Italy, but not nearly as common as statements against fascism (which are sometimes paired with antiwar statements, but they are usually concerned with domestic fascism) and statements in favor of communism.

On the topic of statements in favor of communism, I found this poster advertising what appears to be the national congress of pro-marxists and pro-leninists in Italy hanging just off one of the main piazzas in Florence. The poster encourages people to attend thereby contribute to the national conference.

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